Wednesday, September 27, 2023

August 2022 Magazine

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Welcome to another edition August 2022 Magazine on the series of WMH India Magazine. The country just celebrated 75 years of independence, with love and pride for our nation. We are currently the 6th largest economy in the world, while aiming for a much higher stand in the coming years.

We would also like to congratulate the team of sports person who won laurels for our country at the commonwealth games.

This August edition features Tanya Bhatnagar, who is from the city of Lucknow on the cover. Tanya was also a participant in Miss India contests who has the strong belief to grow the industry outside of metro cities. Tanya is also a philanthropist who believes in helping underprivileged children and she goes an extra mile to help the kids as and when possible.

We are also announcing a few new segments for the next editions. Photographers in India series is going to be a part of WMH India for the next edition. Where we cover 1 photographer every month mentioning about his journey and goals for the future.

Another author series called Super Sportsperson, a series that cover one individual of sports not limited to mainstream sports of India coming from small cities and towns which will bring the struggles of them to the world and motivate others to follow in their footsteps.

With this, we really hope that you enjoy this edition of the WMH India Magazine. And we hope to bring you something more exciting in the next one.


Team WMH India.

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